Swarthmore Early Decision Agreement

Early Decision`s plans are designed for candidates who have studied Swarthmore and other colleges thoroughly and thoughtfully, and who considered Swarthmore an unequivocal first choice. At the time of Swarthmore College`s application, Early Decision applicants are not able to apply for an early decision at other colleges, but may file advance complaints/regular applications at other colleges, provided these applications are withdrawn upon admission to Swarthmore.

If you are a strong Swarthmore candidate, applying an early decision has a considerable advantage for a number of reasons.

News DOJ reviews the early decision procedure of Swarthmore e-mail or email official transcripts at: Attn: Stacy Jordan Admissions Office, Swarthmore College 500 College Avenue Swarthmore, PA 19081 E-mail: questbridge@swarthmore.edu transfer applicants will be informed of decisions by mid-May. Students who have already graduated with a bachelor`s degree or more are not eligible for a transfer permit at Swarthmore College.

Yes, he has the advantage of applying at an early stage. And when you board, you have a very relaxed second semester…

Swarthmore generally does not grant university credit for academic work done before the start of school in Swarthmore (including the summer before Swarthmore), but an advanced placement in conditional courses may be possible. Students wishing to take courses at another college must be prepared to provide, if necessary, an official copy of the institution visited as well as written work (papers, exams). Syllabi; and playlists for courses to be evaluated by the relevant department. Transcripts are analyzed by the Registrar; Ratings should be fair C or better for credit, but departments make investment or credit decisions.

Such investment or credit applications must be submitted to Swarthmore in the first year.

I didn`t go to ED, but when I visited and asked the children how they chose swat and when they applied, etc., a large part of them attributed their acceptance (partly, obviously) to the early application. Before I utter my sentence “So you think to apply early” (With big eyes) “Deffffinitely. No Dount. “

Meine Family has Mixedrd experiences with ED (not Swat, but similar schools). My D was set aside, but eventually accepted and my son was set aside and turned down, but accepted into such a competitive RD school. One thing that deferrals allow you to do is to establish relationships with ad coms if the additional material is carefully evaluated. In fact, my school D said that their aid price was higher than they calculated for ED.