2020 Pebb Electronic Debit Service Agreement

If you are called to active military service, there are special rules for continuing your benefits in long-term health, dental, life and disability insurance. To make sure you have coverage during your vacation, send benefits to the service letter that documents your military leave. If you have any questions, please contact the Integrated Service Centre. You can find information and updates on the changes in the Health Care Authority for Your Benefits newsletter! For more information on the changes you can make during the Open Enrollment, visit HCA`s website at Open Enrollment 2020. Registration/modification forms are available online or electronically from the Benefits Office from November 1 to 30. Appointments are available to meet with EMU`s TIAA Financial Advisor, who can help you develop a plan or plan retirement opportunities. This is a free service for you! Get answers to questions such as: You can continue your health, dental and life insurance on a self-paid basis, provided you are on leave authorized by an organization authorized to have PEBB insurance and the leave does not exceed 24 months, the maximum allowed by the UW and most employment contracts. If you decide not to continue your benefits on a self-paid basis: THE PEBB Open Enrollment starts on November 1st and runs until November 30th. This is an opportunity to make changes to your health and wellness benefits for the upcoming 2021 calendar year. These meetings are available to all staff participating in TIAA as a retirement plan or as part of the voluntary investment plan. You choose the coverage you want to pursue by self-payment. Coverage is offered by the National Office of Public Workers (PEBB): can`t you participate in a webinar? While webinars are not registered, many topics are available in the video library by scrolling through the video page of the WEB DRS website. If you are a member of one of the following Plan 1 systems, you can watch an online video about your plan: Leave Plan 1 or leave TRS Plan 1 You can make an appointment online with a TIAA financial advisor.

Simply click on this link www.tiaa.org/schedulenow select “Virtual Tips” and then “Washington” and you`ll be able to see all available dates and times. Braden Danielson and Jeremy Houy are the advisors who are well versed in EMU`s plan. Or you can always call 1.800.732.8353 to make an appointment. It`s new! Live retirement weavings for drs members and DCP participants. See webinars available. Please read the link webinar calendar to join the webinar and check the full webinar calendar for webinars, dates and schedules. It is recommended to register 10-15 minutes in advance on the webiner to test the connection and sound.